The principle

Daydate promotes people to participate in a face-to-face date for a drink (near you).

The invitations

The invitations correspond to appointment proposals in referenced places.

You can either create or reply with “Accept” or “Decline” buttons to an invitation you have received. Invitations automatically expire 1 hour before the scheduled time if they are not confirmed.

Confirmation: only one guest

Invitations that have received one or more “Interested” responses must be confirmed by the initiator.

When confirming the chosen guest, all other invitations that he/she may have responded favorably during the same time slot will be automatically declined.

An invitation gets confirmed by the first of the invitee who accepts it. Then, the invitation can no longer be accepted by other invitees and the initiator has no longer the possibility to invite new people. Initiator and his invitee can start chatting to organize their appointment.


Starcoins are used to manage the app, and allow you the following actions:

  • Create an invitation: invitations made the same day are free*. Invitations for the next day or more advanced notice cost 1 and 2 Starcoins.
  • Accept invitations: free *

* A minimum of 1 Starcoins is, however, requested in order to use the app.

You pay only if you meet someone! Indeed, all Starcoins used when creating an invitation are automatically credited if the date has not been confirmed or has expired.

In case of cancellation

Any cancellation of a confirmed invitation will be credited 1 Starcoins. When canceling, all parties will be notified.